Shoes On or Off? An Indianapolis Rug Cleaner May Help Solve the Debate

“Asking guests at an Indianapolis party to remove their shoes before entering a home may give the homeowner some sense of assurance, but it will not guarantee that the home’s flooring will be kept clean. With or without the presence of guests, home residents and pets shed dander every day in carpets and floors. The only way to achieve a clean, allergen-free carpet is to hire the services of a professional Indianapolis rug cleaner like Chem-Dry of Indianapolis.

Other flooring surfaces such as tile and stone can benefit from the expertise of the pros as well. Regular home chores such as vacuuming and mopping are, of course, essential in keeping rugs and flooring constantly clean. However, these are not enough to ensure that harmful dander and microorganisms are completely destroyed and eliminated. Only professional Indianapolis tile cleaning and rug cleaning services can guarantee that floor contaminants are removed, while maintaining these flooring materials’ aesthetic qualities. “


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